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«The silent map game»
«History will be kind with me because I intend to perform it»

I am 8143 km, just 121 hours with car from Kumasi in Ghana according to google map. Through border controls, cities, fences, roads, villages, different cultures and inhabitants. April 1 th. 2018 -time 10.53 the first planned letter from an artist in Kumasi enter the mail system. A letter and start for the project “History will be kind to me because I intend to perform it” –  with the theme “decolonizing knowledge”.

My performance character “The Scandinavian woman” start to get information from Ghana, the culture, the weather system, information about the daily life in another country. In the same time she send information from Bergen, Norway to give something back, inspirations? thoughts? reactions?

Its a lot of questions.  The theme is political – she needs to be silent – here biggest fear is silence –  and she starts to make stories trough silent maps.

Action: Decolonizing knowledge –  project «History will be kind with me because I intend to perform it»

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