9. About

In recent years Mia Øquist has produced various performances, installations, texts and drawings with the contents; humans in social situations. She is inspired by spaces humans use.
A human body can make images, and the body can be used as a tool to study social settings.Humans are often independent of each other. In a lot of settings it’s a social game between people.
The artist uses volunteers in several of her perfomances. For her is the coporation between the volunteers and the choreography in a act with many body her main goal to use more people than hearself.
The process of doing visual elements like make costumes, scenography, objects etc. are also something the artist are engaged with. The visual elements have always a function. She likes to use her own handcraft and like the idè that the performance are an exhibition who could be 5 minutes, 1 hour or 3 days.

Mia Øquist(f.1980) lives and works in Bergen. Øquist has a Master from Bergen National Academy , Bachelor from the Trondheim Academy of fine arts and had an exchange to The Royal Art Academy in Stockholm. Øquist has held performances and exhibitions in Norway, Nordic country
and Asia. Without doing own projects she teach different workshops in art for children and have organized a festivals .